Healing the entire body; not just the symptoms

At Life is Motion Chiropractic, we will use all of our knowledge and expertise to not only treat your pain and conditions, but to address the root cause-- ensuring that you stay healthy, with the potential for the highest quality of life.

Ask the right question!

Albert Einstein once said “if you judge a fish by how it can climb a tree, he will live his life thinking he is stupid.” What Einstein was saying is that we must learn to ask the right questions and not to judge everyone on the same scale if their conditions don’t match the rubric.

In much of health care today, too often the focus is on managing symptoms rather than finding out the causes for the dysfunction, decline of health, and pain.

This is where we come in!

hands on back

Ask us; we can help:

Because our specialty is the integration of neurology and the health of the body, we can help manage--if not eliminate--the symptoms of almost any condition upon a thorough examination. We can co-manage any serious condition that requires several doctors, as well as help you understand  your condition. Of course, we maintain the highest degree of respect for doctors of other fields and can help you get to the right specialist if the need arises.

Life is Motion

Over the course of our lives we lose some of the basic ways we navigate and glide through our environment. It is important to not only live happy and pain free, but also to carry on our journey by continuing to move, explore, and thrive. Chiropractic care helps to restore normal movement and bring freedom to all of us by asking the right questions about what is holding us back-- addressing the cause of our dysfunction; not just the symptoms. Through his extensive neuromuskuloskeletal understanding and objective approach to health care, Dr. Hamm forms each diagnosis; treats the community; and helps them to move through life with joy, dignity, and as little pain and discomfort as possible.

 What we offer:

Dr. Hamm deeply understands how the nervous system interacts with our muscular and skeletal systems. He has spent years honing this understanding, specializing in treatment of soft tissue, athletic injury prevention, and physical rehabilitation. Under his care, you can maintain your health and avoid dysfunction, pain, and discomfort. Much as we see the dentist to maintain our teeth, we need to maintain our spine and nervous system through regular care.

Chiropractic Adjustment

standing cervical

NIMMO Soft Tissue

nimmo thumbs to thoracic

Functional Movement Taping

FMT to shoulder

ConnecTX Soft Tissue

connectX to thoracic/lumbar