ConnecTX Therapy is a gentle and conservative approach to biomechanical dysfunction that affects our ability to move and to heal. When we experience trauma or physical injury in any form--even the slightest bit, which we may not perceive as painful at all--our body attempts to heal itself. However, we don’t always replace the damaged tissue with new, undamaged tissues. In fact, this almost never happens; we put down scar tissue instead. This tissue is collagen that cross-links with the health--and usually unaltered--surrounding tissues, such as our muscles, skin, fascia, bones, joint surfaces, etc., which help us to either hold things in place or to prevent further damage. It is not, however, replacing the damaged tissue exactly as it was; it is laying down these fiber links in a haphazard way to stabilize the injury. This is our body’s natural way of helping us to cope after we injure ourselves. This also happens with the most minor of injuries and traumas—and we may not even know it!


As amazing of a coping process as this is, it usually causes undue stress and faulty biomechanical patterns in our bodies and joints. Through this gentle and effective treatment, we can, over a period of time, break up these cross-linking patterns of scar tissue and aligns the healing fibers in a more normal direction, allowing for less pain, higher degrees of motion, and improved joint function.

This therapy has helped people with shoulder, neck, low back, hip, knee, ankle, and wrist ailments, as well as pain and trauma caused by injury. It is a useful therapy that Dr. Hamm has used with great success in many settings, including on our military heroes in Veterans Affairs hospitals