Nimmo is a focus of the interrelationship between muscular tone and function and the central nervous system. Pain is a small part of the noxious stimuli (harmful or unwanted stresses the body perceives), resulting in only about 10% of overall nerve communication from our body to our brain and spinal cord. Ninety percent of noxious stimuli goes unnoticed but drives dysfunction and improper biomechanics, causing loss of movement and range of motion, as well as discomfort and disease states. 

Through careful study and many years of training and clinical experience, Dr. Hamm is certified in NIMMOCARE, an approach to health that focuses on assessing the overall function of the body and its biomechanics. Through this diagnosis and treatment, he utilizes not only his expertise in intersegmental joint function, but also how the muscles, ligaments, and tendons play a very important role in our dysfunction, discomfort, and pain. Whenever a joint loses its normal and full range of motion, the added stresses that the joint surfaces endure, as well as the increased--and often improper--stresses that the adjacent joints face can lead to dysfunction, which causes to discomfort, disease states, and pain. Another factor leading to the loss of motion and increase in overall system dysfunction can be muscular and soft tissue stresses, which can cause an interruption of the proper neurologic reflex arc between the spinal cord (our central nervous system) and the supporting muscles, ligaments, and tendons. With NIMMOCARE’s approach to the dysfunction of our bodies in a matter that addresses all avenues of this dysfunction, the results have been astounding, consistent, and long-lasting.


Dr. Hamm examines, diagnoses, and treats each patient individually for these dysfunctions and is specific to each patient’s needs. NIMMOCARE is a foundational approach that allows Dr. Hamm to treat each patient as an entire system of causes and needs rather than only addressing the symptoms of dysfunction, such as pain or discomfort. Instead of placing a Band-Aid over our symptoms, this approach allows for treatment aimed at their cause and allows the body the opportunity to heal and function to its best possible ability.